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                Whether the Teflon open mesh conveyor belt can be used in the food industry?

                Let us learn whether the Teflon open mesh conveyor belt can be used in the food industry!

                At present, many food enterprises in the wold have gradually turned to science and technology, industrialization and informationization. The food conveyors are able to produce the necessary materials during the production work because of the large amount of transportation during the production of working materials and the simple structure of the equipment. The material is conveyed and transported on a certain assembly line, and the Open mesh belt is a conveyor belt for conveying materials from the starting supply point to the final discharge point. The Teflon open mesh conveyor belt can not only transport the broken materials, but also transport the pieces and protect them in daily production work.

                When conveying materials in the daily production work of food production enterprises, attention should be paid to the noise generated by the oscillation of the food conveyor and the friction of the mesh belt, as well as the scene of the food conveyor's starting and braking. Because of the high thickness of the Open mesh belt of the fuselage, the Teflon open mesh conveyor belt can not only withstand the cutting of the conveyed material in the daily production work, but also can form a frictional collision with the fuselage due to the excessive weight of the article during transportation. It also has the characteristics of waterproofing and oil proofing. If the Teflon open mesh conveyor belt is deviated, the staff only needs to slowly adjust the tensioning shaft at one end of the driven shaft. And in the process of conditioning can not be quickly adjusted to avoid scratching the edge of the mesh belt. If the chain of the food conveyor has a chain jump and the operation is unstable during the production work, you should check whether the sprocket at both ends of the drive shaft is running synchronously, and also pay attention to the teeth of the sprocket. Whether the end is excessively worn.

                When the Teflon open mesh conveyor belt is violently vibrating, it is necessary to close the food conveyor equipment in time, and then check whether the roller in the transport rack and the transport tunnel has rust and refuse to turn, and the demand is adjusted one by one. If the Open mesh belt is used in the transportation of corrosive materials or in a working environment where the working environment is relatively humid, it is necessary to attach great importance to the selection of materials for the food mesh belt parts.

                According to the demand of different materials for the production of food enterprises, only the correct selection of Teflon open mesh conveyor belt for the transport machinery can be better applied to the production, thereby improving the production of the enterprise and better saving the production cost of the enterprise.


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