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                What should be paid attention to when using PTFE high temperature tape?

                Let us learn What need to pay attention to when using PTFE high temperature tape!

                1. There should be no floating dust, stains and grease on the base layer. If the surface of the base layer is uneven, it will seriously affect the viscosity of the tape, so the surface of the base layer should be kept flat and smooth as much as possible.

                2. Flatten the tape when using it, and then stick it on the part to be used. After sticking it, compact it by hand on the surface and squeeze out the air under the tape to ensure a firm bond.

                3. The length and width of the tape have fixed specifications. If the part that needs to be used is not suitable for resize, use a knife to modify it. Do not affect the paste effect because the size of the PTFE temperature tape is not suitable.


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