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                What are the safety points of PTFE high temperature fabric in the production process?

                During the production of PTFE high temperature fabric, a large amount of waste will be generated, so we must actively process waste while producing PTFE high temperature fabric, not only can reduce production costs, because these wastes can be returned to the furnace to become PTFE high temperature fabric production in the future Raw materials, while also reducing pollution to the environment, the PTFE high temperature fabric is very poor in decomposability, insoluble in water, acid, alkali solutions, the soil is very corrosive to it, and harmful to the environment Even more than ten times higher than plastic. This kind of crisis can be solved by smashing PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics.

                When the PTFE high temperature fabric is crushed, it is easy to splash a large amount of glass fiber dust. Glass fiber is a very fine fiber, which is basically a fraction of the pores of humans, so it can smoothly pass through human hair and enter the blood of the body. This kind of harm is very great. If human beings stay in this environment for a long time, it will seriously affect their health.

                Therefore, the PTFE high temperature fabric crushing workshop must have strict protection measures to reduce the damage of the glass fiber dust in the air to the human body.

                1. All workers must wear protective overalls, helmets and sunglasses to ensure full closure of the human body, and wear protective gloves when working.

                2. The ventilation and ventilation of the workshop must be ensured to reduce the concentration of glass fiber dust in the workshop.

                3. To ensure the air humidity in the workshop of PTFE high temperature fabric crushing, this can reduce the concentration.

                4. The working hours of the staff in the PTFE high temperature fabric crushing workshop should not exceed eight hours, and they cannot work continuously. For example, if you work in a PTFE high temperature fabric crushing workshop, you cannot work in this workshop within fifteen days to prevent the accumulation of glass fiber dust in the human body, and you have to replace a batch of workers to crush.

                5. The PTFE high temperature fabric crushing workshop should be far away from the area where the population is concentrated, built in the field, and set up a separate workshop for crushing Teflon high temperature fabric region.


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