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                About the effect of PTFE adhesive tape in the rubber industry

                When the PTFE adhesive tape is found to be damaged in the early stage, the cause should be found and repaired in time to prevent the occurrence of bad results. The steel wire rope conveyor belt is suitable for the transportation of materials in the coal mine, mine, port, power, metallurgy, building materials and other industries that require tear resistance. It can be used for the transportation of long distance, large span, large capacity and high speed materials.

                Allows the use of high-strength, safe varieties. The intensity is higher than that of ordinary transport belts, and the length is also longer. It can reduce the number of transfer stations, saving power and management costs. Damage methods There are many ways to edit the damage of the steel wire PTFE conveyor belt, mainly: severe wear on the glued surface; ripped edges; tears. In the meantime, tearing of the conveyer belt is a kind of damage. It mainly refers to the sharp impurities in the guess of the transport object inserted into the conveyer belt or the steel wire in the conveyer belt to withdraw and constitute the longitudinal tear of the conveyer belt.

                Use of PTFE adhesive tape in the rubber industry:

                (1) Ensure complete demoulding, and a large number of lost scrap rates;

                (2) easy demolding and intensifying labor intensity;

                (3) No mold release agent is needed, reducing costs and environmental purification, and preventing affecting rubber vulcanization and adhesion;

                (4) There will be no glue particles on the mold, no need to stop the liquidation of the mold, greatly advance the production power, reduce the mold and power consumption;

                (5) The brightness of the product is uniform, which greatly advances the product grade;

                (6) Teflon coating has excellent adhesion, it is not easy to wither, and the use of abnormality.

                Advantages of PTFE adhesive tape for shoe molds:

                1, easy to remove, prevent the mold from sticking to rubber particles;

                2, no need to remove the agent to prevent the impact of paste results and clean the environment;

                3, matte rubber outsole, uniform color;

                4. Reduce multicolor rubber background color mixing signs;

                5. Phylon (secondary vulcanization) mold does not need to be pre-coated with soapy water, which accelerates the labor rate and reduces purification;

                6. A large number of lost scrap rate;

                7. Coating life is more than 4500 times;


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